Pawn Loan Services at Cashbox Jewelry & Pawn Co.

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Pawn Loan Services at Cashbox Jewelry & Pawn Co.

Need a little bit of extra cash for the holidays? It’s been a rough year for many Tucson households, but it’s still possible to share some joy (and some amazing gifts) this holiday season. Cashbox Jewelry & Pawn Co. can help you get some extra cash in your pocket to carry you through the holiday season with our pawn loan services. We provide pawn loans on a wide range of items you might have sitting around your house, including jewelry, firearms, musical instruments, electronics, and power tools.

Despite misconceptions, pawn loans don’t require that you sell your items to receive cash. In fact, about 80% of pawn loans are repaid within the loan term. So, most people who take out pawn loans do get their items back. However, if you don’t repay the loan, there aren’t negative consequences to consider. You’ll simply surrender the pawned item to our shop and owe nothing else.

Pawn Loan Services

How do pawn loans work?

Pawn loans essentially allow you to borrow against the value of items that typically have a large price tag when purchased new, such as diamond jewelry, power drills, or flat screen televisions. When you bring an item to our pawn shop, we’ll assess the condition of the item and consider its potential resale value. Factors such as consumer demand for certain items will weigh into our offer for your loan.

If you choose to take out a loan with our offer, you’ll leave the item with us and walk out the door with cash in hand. Our pawn loans have a period of 90 days. Once that time is up, you can return to us and pay back the loan plus any interest and additional fees. Otherwise, we’ll put the item up for sale in our shop and you won’t pay another cent or be on the hook for any additional interest. Pawn loans won’t show up on your credit report. You will need a valid government issued ID such as a passport or Arizona driver’s license to pawn items with us.

Why trust Cashbox for your pawn loan?

In addition to our exceptionally competitive interest rates, there are a few reasons to choose Cashbox for your pawn loan. First, we’ve been serving Tucson since 1957. With more than half a century of local service, we know the importance of maintaining a stellar reputation among our customers. That’s why friendly customer service is a part of every transaction. We’re also happy to answer all questions you have about pawn loans and our appraisal process. It’s easy to get started on pawnshop loans with us. We won’t ask for your credit score or do a credit check.

Another factor that sets us apart is the 60-day grace period we provide on our pawn loans. This is not common with other Tucson pawn shops. We understand that unexpected circumstances may arise, and it’s not always possible to pay back a pawn loan on time. Following the initial 90-day loan period, you may extend the loan by up to 60 days with interest only payments.

Pawn Loan Services

What if I’d rather sell my items instead of receiving a pawn loan?

If you have valuable items you know you aren’t likely to use again, such as an old wedding ring, we’re happy to offer a quote for selling the items to us outright. In addition, you may receive an offer to purchase an item you bring in to pawn if there’s a particularly high demand for that item at the time.

Pawn loans are low-risk, no-recourse, short term loans. So, they’re the perfect choice for securing a little extra cash during any period of financial uncertainty. Trust Cashbox Jewelry & Pawn Co. for an exceptional experience for pawn loans in Tucson.