We Buy and Sell Diamonds in Tucson, AZ

Diamonds may be forever, but you don’t have to keep unworn diamonds collecting dust in your jewelry box. If you have unworn diamond jewelry and you’re not quite sure what to do with it, visit Cashbox Jewelry & Pawn Co. We can offer cash for your diamond jewelry or provide a pawn loan if you need a short-term cash boost but don’t want to permanently part with your diamonds.

Because we purchase jewelry from the public and have our own professional suppliers, we offer a distinctive inventory of diamonds for sale. If you are shopping for diamond jewelry, you won’t want to miss our selection. You can easily find that perfect engagement ring, wedding band, necklace, or pair of earrings with us.


Shopping for Diamond Jewelry at Cashbox Jewelry & Pawn Co.

If you know you want to purchase some type of diamond jewelry but aren’t quite sure where to start, stop in and speak with one of our accredited specialists. They can help you get a more specific picture of what you might be looking for and then help you find it. With two stores that have specialized in estate jewelry since 1957, we can help you find diamonds from any era.

Selling Your Diamonds with Us

Through the years it’s not uncommon to collect items that might be valuable but just aren’t pieces you want to wear. Maybe it’s a bracelet with a broken clasp. Perhaps it’s an earring that no longer has a mate. Or it could be a necklace that’s just not in your taste. Whatever the reason your diamonds are unworn, they’re still quite valuable. Diamonds can always be placed in new settings or even recut to give them new potential. So, even if you’re not sure if your jewelry is worth much in its current condition, bring it to us for an appraisal. We’ll even take a look if you aren’t sure that you have real diamonds. Our certified gemologists can let you know what you have and make a competitive offer. We also purchase loose diamonds.


Repairing Diamond Jewelry

Want to repurpose old family gemstones or repair a broken piece of diamond jewelry? We can help with that too! If you don’t want to sell your old jewelry, we can help you give it new life with specialized repairs.

Whether you want to clear out your jewelry box or buy something special for the holidays, Cashbox Jewelry & Pawn Co. is here for you with two convenient locations in Tucson. We’re family owned and operated, so we are always ready to deliver the best customer service experience possible for any occasion you might visit us.